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‘Riwo Sangchhoe’ at Sarjung,..

Oct 01, 2014 - For the benefit of all the residents of Sarjung and all the sentient beings, H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche and a group of monks conducted ‘Riwo Sangchhoe’ at Sarjung, today.

Thank you very much H.E Rinpoche for conducting such a sacred ritual for the benefit of all the sentient beings and the people of Sarjung.

May everyone be BLESSED by H.E's Compassion.

Maha Parinirvana Celebration of Lama Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho

Sep 28, 2014 - Tomorrow, 5th day of 8th month of the Bhutanese Calendar (i.e 29th September, 2014) is the day when Lama Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho attained Maha Parinirvana. Therefore,to pay homage to the great soul, RMGC requests all the members who are within and outside Bhutan to mark the day in your best possible ways.
The members of Samdrupjongkhar and Pemagatshel along with H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche will be commemorating the day in Kheri Goenpa (Winter Residence of Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho) with the support from 11th Dungsey Kinzang Thinley (Great Grand son of Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho). Likewise, all the members of RMGC who are in different parts of Bhutan are going to observe the day to pay Homage to Lama Rigdzin Dorji Jamtsho, in their own best possible ways.

RMGC would like to wish everyone a very SUCCESSFUL day.


Aug 31, 2014 - 31/08/14-Sunday -
Thimphu group got the rare opportunity to experience one day retreat under the guidance of H.E Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche, today.Thimphu members are Immensely grateful to their ever compassionate root teacher for finding time to guide and let them experience this new session, despite Rinpoche's very hectic schedule..It was indeed a very moving experience for all of them.

Therefore, all the Thimphu members would like to extend their enormous gratitude to Rinpoche..They said that they are indeed very much blessed to have come across such a compassionate Teacher.
Thank you very much Rinpoche for giving Thimphu members, the rare opportunity to attend to such an inspiring teaching la.

Since this kind of one day Retreat session was conducted for the benefit of all the beings, let's offer our UTMOST GRATITUDE and PROFOUND RESPECT to Rinpoche for giving the people of Thimphu, a RARE OPPORTUNITY to receive his PROFOUND BLESSINGS. In the meanwhile, we would like to thank Rinpoche for Hosting and conducting such an important program at his new residence. Finally, we would like to thank all the Thimphu members for making this program a very SUCCESSFUL one.

May everyone get the precious opportunity to experience such kind of beautiful session.

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