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First Annual Zhe-Jay-Wang-Drak Jinsek, Trongsa

Aug 04, 2014 - Trongsa members of Rigde Maha Guru Choetshok have started organizing the 1st Annual Zhi-Jay-Wang-Drak Jinsek (Fire Ritual) from today and it'll last for three days, at Trongsa Town.

His Eminence Jigme Rigdzin Rinpoche is presiding over the above mentioned 'Fire Ritual' and Trongsa group is initiating the program. Therefore, we hope and pray that the program become a great success. We also would like to extend our appreciation to all the Trongsa members for coming up with such an important event.

We are very much confident that things will go very well due to our Rinpoche's BLESSINGS and of course your HARDWORK.

May all the Sentient Beings be BLESSED by our Rinpoche.

Upcoming Event-1st Annual Juluk Phurpai Drupchoe at Tang, Bumthang

Aug 01, 2014 - HE RInpoche will be presiding over the first Annual Juluk Phurpai Drupchoe from 8th August to 10th August 2014 in Tang, Bumthang. The program was initiated by the family of Tang Ugyen Choeling.
Thank you

5th Annual Rigde Maha Guru Drupchoe in Thimphu conducted successfully

Jul 31, 2014 - Thousands of people gathered at Zangdopalri, vegetable market Thimphu, to celebrate 5th Annual Rigde Maha Guru Drupchoe. The final days coincides with Drukpai Tsezhi (6th month forth day) celebrated as the first sermon of lord Buddha. The program was concluded with Marmai monlam ( butter lamp offering with aspiration prayers).
The Chhotshok/ association thank all the supporter and sponsors for making the program successful.
Thank you la.




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