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UP-COMING PROGRAM: 1st Annual Zhe-Jay-Wang-Drak Jinsek, Trongsa

Jul 24, 2014 - Trongsa members of Rigde Maha Guru Chhotshok will be organizing 1st Annual Zhi-Jay-Wang-Drak Jimsek (Fire Ritual) from 4th-6th August 2014 at Trongsa Town.
For details please contact Leki Tshewang, Trongsa District Representative @ +975 17656529
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Upcoming Event- 5th Annual Rigde Maha Guru Drupchoe - Thimphu Bhutan

Jul 17, 2014 - Thimphu members of Rigde Maha Guru Chhotshok will be organizing 5th Annual Rigde Maha Guru Drupchoe from 29-31st July 2014 at Zangdopalri -centenary Vegetables Market Thimphu, which coincides with First sermon of Lord Buddha.
For details please contact Karma Deki Duba, Executive member/ Media @ +975 17700138 or Karma Orong, Thimphu District Representative @ +975 17626098.
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2nd Bi-Annual conference successfully conducted

Jul 14, 2014 - The second Bi-annual conference was successfully conducted on 13th July, 2014 in Thimphu. The program was organized by Thimphu Members at Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School premises.

The board of committee members, advisors, district representatives and many interested members joined the event. The conference was mainly on finalizing roles and responsibility, financial status, budgeting, on-going project, future plans, past events and etc.

Coinciding with the conference, the Chairman launched new Blog, which will be the platform to discuss Dharma.

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News & Events

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