Provide basic teachings on Buddhism to all walks of life
Advance meditation according to Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
Provide Preliminary Retreat and advance retreat ranging from three days to several year
Seminar on Basic teachings by Buddha to the school goers on various vacations & occasions


1. Free Basic Fooding (only vegetarian menu) & Lodging facilities (including warm water services with attached bathroom)
2. Free Internet & Library services
3. Free courses
4. Free travel services from Samdrupjongkhar Town to the retreat centre & vice-versa
5. Free Basic health services by Royal Government of Bhutan which is located 15 KM away from the retreat centre
6. Free recreational services
7. Paid cafeteria which serves as restaurant, utilities and general stores










News & Events

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    Nov 05, 2018 - SERTOK: The GOLDEN PINNACLE On 28th October, 2018 presiding over by the Chairman, H.E. Jigme Rig...