Below are the list of ongoing and past projects of Rigde Maha Guru Reteat Center:

Project Name: Construction of Main Lhakhang
Construction Cost: 80,00,000.00 (Estimate) USD 129032.26
Commencement Date: June, 3 2015
Project Period: 16 months
Status: In Progress
Detail: The main lhakhang construction is under progress. Currently we have Seven Indian laborers working in the construction site.

Project Name: Motor road connection to the Monastery
Construction Cost: 140,000.00 (Approx) USD 2258.04
Commencement Date: Jan, 6 2015
Project Period: 3 days
Status: Completed
Detail: Deviation taken from Phungsharang farm road to monastery is completed.

Project Name: Construction of H.E Rinpoche's Residence
Construction Cost: 500,000.00 (Approx) USD 8054.52
Commencement Date: Feb, 2 2011
Project Period: 14 months
Status: Completed
Detail: The Construction of H.E Rinpoche's Residence is completed.














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