Words of a great beings

"One day your life will flash before your eyes.Make sure it's worth watching."

Buddha - Sep 12, 2014

"An example of foolishness is someone who has understood nothing of the teaching but think he has understood it and even try to teach others. Together with breaches of samaya, these all need to be avoided."

Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche - Sep 07, 2014

Do not forget the Lama
Pray to him at all the times,

Do not be carried away by thoughts
Watch the nature of mind,

Do not forget death
Persist in Dharma,

Do not forget sentient beings
With compassion dedicate your merit to them.

Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche - Mar 31, 2014

If when I have the chance to live a wholesome life
My actions are not wholesome,
Then what shall I be able to do
When confused by the misery of the lower realms?

And if I commit no wholesome deeds (there),
But readily amass much evil,
Then for a hundred million aeons
I shall not even hear the words ʺa happy lifeʺ.

Excerpts from the book A GUIDE TO THE BODHISATTVA\'S WAY

Shantideva - Oct 18, 2012

Although for the benefit of every creature
Countless Buddhas have passed by,
Yet I was not an object of their care
Because of my own mistakes.

And if I continue to act like this,
Again and again shall I undergo
(suffering) in unhappy realms, sickness, bondage,
Laceration and the shedding of blood.

If the arising of a Tathagata,
Faith, the attainment of a human body
And my being fit to cultivate virtue are scarce,
When will they be won again?

Although today I am healthy,
Well‐nourished and unafflicted,
Life is momentary and deceptive:
The body is like an object on loan for but a minute.

And with behaviour such as this
I shall not win a human body again,
And if this human form is not attained
There will be solely evil and no virtue.

Excerpts from the book A GUIDE TO THE BODHISATTVA\'S WAY

Shantideva - Oct 17, 2012


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