Words of a great beings

If when I have the chance to live a wholesome life
My actions are not wholesome,
Then what shall I be able to do
When confused by the misery of the lower realms?

Excerpts from the book A GUIDE TO THE BODHISATTVA\'S WAY

Shantideva - Sep 14, 2012

The world honours as virtuous
A man who sometimes gives a little, plain food
Disrespectfully to a few beings,
That satisfies them for only half a day.
What need be said then of one
Who eternally bestows the peerless bliss of the Sugatas
Upon limitless numbers of beings,
Thereby fulfilling all their hopes.

Excerpts from the book A GUIDE TO THE BODHISATTVA\'S WAY

Shantideva - Sep 13, 2012

Those who wish to destroy the many sorrows of (their) conditioned existence,
Those who wish (all beings) to experience a multitude of joys,
And those who wish to experience much happiness,
Should never forsake the Awakening Mind.

Excerpts from the book -A Guide to the Bodhisattva\'s Way of Life

Shantideva - Sep 12, 2012

Leisure and endowment are very hard to find;
And, since they accomplish what is meaningful for man,
If I do not take advantage of them now,
How will such a perfect opportunity come about again?

Excerpt from the book The Guide to the Boddhisattva\\\'s way of life

Shantideva - Sep 11, 2012

Eight Kinds of Silence in Dharma Practice -

• With silence of the body, without fanatical fixation, you will avoid the allurement of violation.
• With silence of the speech, you will keep your practice free from mindless rhetorical diversion.
• With silence of the mind, you will not be affected by mindless deliberation. Thus, enabling you to reside in the pure consciousness of Dharmakaya (the non-dualistic primordial mind), without the hindrance of ordinary cognisance.
• With silence of sense-gratification, you will set yourself free from the conceptual fixation of pure and impure experiences. Thus, enabling you to be blessed with an existence devoid of conflict, and bring about the protective influences of the Tantric Assembly.
• With silence of transmission, do not offer instruction to people who are unsuited for such teaching. Thus, enabling you to receive the blessing of the lineage.
• With silence of behaviour, act unpretentiously and without deceit. Thus, enabling you to make advancement and protect the mind from afflictive influences.
• With silence of experience, do not form attachment with your experience, and do not elaborate your encounter to others. Thus, enabling you to attain full enlightenment in this lifetime.
• With silence of realisation, do not cling to mundane longing and reside in the calm abiding of non-duality. Thus, enabling you to be free from the bondage of Samsara in the moment of realisation.

Padmasambhava [Guru Rinpoche] - Sep 10, 2012

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